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Welcome to the Big Lots Domestic Vendor Routing and Compliance Information webpage. To help increase productivity for Big Lots and all our business partners, we are providing information that will help us both avoid time-consuming and costly steps within our supply chains. This information will reduce service delays and costs by eliminating misinterpretation. Improving our supply chains will improve cycle time and increase merchandise availability. The bottom line? Improved sales for Big Lots. And for you!

08/06/2012 Seasonal Icons
12/29/2013 Seasonal Carton Markings
04/23/2014 Special Handling Icons
04/23/2014 Master Carton Marking Guide for Domestic and Import Vendors
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (Import)
02/20/2013 Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (Domestic)
Vendor Routing Instructions
04/23/2014 Vendor Routing and Compliance Guide - Domestic Vendors V2.8
04/23/2014 Vendor Routing (Easy Steps to a Deduction Free Shipment)
Vendor Manual (for import vendors) - as of 9-5-08
Vendor Manual Appendix(for import vendors) - as of 9-5-08
Receiving Hours of Operation
04/23/2014 Store Directory with Delivery Days
05/12/2014 Domestic Vendor Pre-Ticketing Guide V4.0
Vendor Compliance Web Portal User Guide - Summary Version
04/25/2014 EFT Data Sheet
04/25/2014 PNC Active Pay Self Enrollment