As Seen On TV® Stone Wave™ Microwave Ceramic Stoneware Cooker


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With the Stone Wave, you can make delicious gourmet dishes in just minutes, right in your microwave. The specially designed unique chimney allows just the right amount of steam to escape while the domed lid re-circulates the heat, heating food evenly. This infuses more flavor into the food so it is cooked to perfection. Plus, the hand-made ceramic stoneware surface is non-stick so there's no need for butter, fats, or oils to cook, making meals healthier. You can even eat right out of the Stone Wave so there's no messy pans to clean. In 5 minutes or less, you can prepare everything from omelets to soups. And since you can use multiple Stone Waves in the microwave at one time, every member of the family can have a custom dish made to order. Includes a 5-Minute Meals recipe book.

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