Dora the Explorer™ Universal Activity Tray

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Let's go, explorers! ¡Vámonos! The Dora the Explorer Universal Acitivity Tray for iPad® will delight and entertain children while they play and interact with their iPad. The activity tray helps to safely bring the wonder of tablet technology to toddlers and young children while entertaining them with the playful images of Dora's adventures. This unique and universal activity tray can be easily fitted and securely attached to a car seat, stroller or a high chair. Made with soft spongy padding, a sealed water-resistant top layer and a cushioned bottom, this special tray is very comfortable and fits snuggly and safely in place for kids to enjoy. The water resistant surface and clear plastic cover protects from spilled liquids and still provides complete touch screen control to play the Apps kids love, like the included Dora Dress-Up Adventures HD App for iPad. The tray also includes an easy to use and store foldable velcro stand, so kids can enjoy watching their favorite videos and episodes of Dora the Explorer wherever they go.

15"W x 12"H x 2.5"D
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