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Back to School Checklist

Already completed your 2018 Back to School checklist? You can always find low prices on stationary, notebooks, folders, pens pencils and other school supplies at Big Lots. Find your local store now.

When School is in Session...
Getting the kids ready for school doesn't have to be daunting. Super moms and dads can get all of the back-to-school essentials needed at any local Big Lots! Did we mention that our school supplies, grab-and-go snacks, easy meals, and other back to school items are offered at an incredible value, every day?

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Big Lots has everything you need - delivering back to school supplies solutions, household essentials, easy after school snacks and breakfast on-the-go to kick start the morning!

Make a Quick & Easy Trip to Big Lots
Be sure to stop by and grab your school supplies, after school snacks, back to school essentials, easy meals and more! Big Lots is your one-stop, busy parents shop!