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Simplify your space with storage bins from Sterilite; sturdy, well-constructed, and made in the USA.

Have a laundry room that you're not in love with? Re-working your storage and organization with laundry hampers, bins and baskets is an easy, affordable upgrade! We have a variety of laundry hampers that can easily be tucked away into a shelving unit - perfect for storing fresh towels and linens. Find the right sized storage box or storage unit for any room in your home, from larger weave baskets to a small storage unit with latches or snap on lids. Try a smaller storage box for under the bed storage, or a rolling cart for the kid’s room or craft room. 

Organize anything from office supplies to kids clothing, in the open or tucked away, with storage bins from Sterilite. See how much you can save with the Sterilite brand!