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Light Roast

Big Lots Has Light Roast Coffee

Flavorful light roast coffee starts your morning right. Our selection of light roast coffee pods and grounded light roast beans give you a boost. 
Find a delightful coffee that you can make easily in your home brewing machine. Light roast coffee delivers the wonderful flavor of the coffee beans with their short roast time, featuring a bright and flavorful taste. Our light roast coffee is sure to be enjoyed in the morning or during an afternoon pick-me-up!

Big Lots Has Your Morning Coffee

You probably know Big Lots as your one-stop shop for every day household items, but you probably wouldn’t think Big Lots when putting coffee on your shopping list. In fact, Big Lots carries a large selection of light roast, medium roast and dark roast coffees available of coffee pods, ground coffee, instant coffee, and even convenient ready-to-drink coffee for on the go – all from brands you come to trust like Starbucks, McCafé, Green Mountain, Folgers & more. You can shop our coffee selection online or visit your local Big Lots store to find the right roast and flavor you need to get your day started right.