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Cheese Puffs, Corn Puffs & Other Puffed Snacks

Cheese Puffs

Cheese puffs are a classic snack with a delicious crunch. You can find savings on cheese puffs from your favorite brands like Cheetos, Herr's, and Fresh Finds for less at Big Lots. Pick your favorite flavor or select a few different kinds, with choices like flamin' hot, crunchy, classic cheddar, and more. Need to please a crowd? You can find variety packs and snack mixes at great prices!

Puffed Snacks

There are all kinds of great puffed snacks to enjoy at Big Lots. Find a new favorite with fun options like corn & potato snacks, cotton candy balls, onion flavored rings, ork skins, green pea crisps, veggie straws, and more!