Slow Cookers

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Big Lots has Crock Pots & Slow Cookers

The slow cooker is perfect for those who love to cook but don't have the time to waste in the kitchen. If you're looking for a new slow cooker, the programmable option is the way to go. With a variety of settings and features, you'll be able to make your favorite foods just the way you like them. It can be programmed to cook your food at different times of day. So, if you want to season a roast in the morning and then throw it into the slow cooker for the evening, you can do that.

The manual slow cooker is great if you just want something simple—you don't need any fancy features or extra bells and whistles. You just need something that works well and won't break down on you when there's still room in your budget.

Find the Small Appliances You Need for Every Room

Big Lots has small appliances in stock. Our buyers have been busy putting together a list of small appliances that can make your life easier. In the kitchen, we have coffee makers and tea kettles, as well as toasters, grills and griddles, and hand mixers to get your morning started on the right foot. Our blenders & food processors make meal prep a cinch. You can also use our selection of air fryers and slow cookers to make the foods your family enjoys.

For the rest of your home, we carry a great selection of fans to keep you cool in the spring and summer and space heaters to keep you warm in the winter. When you leave for work, school or a night out, our inventory of irons and accessories will keep your clothes looking pressed and looking sharp as the day you bought them at the store.