Patio Seating Sets

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Patio Seating Sets

Style your outdoor porch or patio space with patio seating sets from Big Lots!

Our patio sets are perfect for cozy conversation with friends, or a comfy hangout spot for parties and barbecues. Browse our outdoor seating sets made of durable materials and woven wicker, ideal for outdoor use all season. Sink into the cozy cushions of your new patio set, made of durable, yet soft and comfortable materials. These patio seating sets just wouldn't be complete without every single piece, from the sofas and chairs to coffee tables, dining tables, and storage ottomans.

Keep the fun going and stay cozy as the weather cools down with fire pits and outdoor fireplaces, the perfect way to complete a patio set. Keep your patio seating sets covered and clean in the off-season with outdoor furniture covers. Shop patio sets at Big Lots for great savings and fabulous style!