Building relationships

What does it take to be a successful discount retailer? It takes great vendor relationships and savvy buyers who live and breathe big deals. Happily, Big Lots has both.


We've spent nearly five decades building relationships with some of the world's best-known manufacturers. Our financial strength and warehouse capacity allow us to buy deals of any size, pay for them in a timely manner, and take possession quickly.


That's why so many of the world's leading manufacturers turn to us. In today's competitive retail landscape, excess inventory is inevitable. When it comes to unloading that inventory, the choice is Big Lots. With an open-to-buy exceeding $2 billion, thousands of retail outlets nationwide, and fast purchasing decisions, we're the first-call for vendors with inventory challenges.


By providing an important and growing market for our suppliers, we're also delivering real value for our investors. And we're strengthening our vendor relationships like never before — by attending trade shows, meeting face-to-face, and making it easier for manufacturers to do business with us.

Vendor Resources

  • Big Lots Vendor Routing and Compliance Information.

  • Big Lots Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) requirements - a list of EDI documents currently used by Big Lots in an easy to access, centralized location.

  • Product Lifecycle Management.

  • Transportation Management System