Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

This holiday season, set a picture-perfect holiday scene and share the joy with the whole neighborhood with affordable outdoor Christmas decoration ideas from Big Lots. We’ve got plenty of inspiration for achieving an outdoor look that will impress holiday guests from the moment they arrive.

Create a Joyful Scene with Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Make a big impact this year with a curated collection of lighted lawn art. At Big Lots, we make it easy to set up a scene with one of our outdoor decoration sets, all priced to make you smile.

Each set comes with everything you need to build an eye-catching, multi-piece scene. Complete with a lighted buck, doe and fawn, our family set of iridescent, glowing white deer make for a delightful outdoor display. And our cheerful Light-Up LED Snowman Family—mother, father and child—will greet guests with smiles all season long.

Channel the spirit of Christmas in the Caribbean with a Light-Up Holiday Flamingo, clad in a Santa suit and hat. It’s part of our Holiday Tropics collection, filled with tropical and desert characters transported from their typically hot and sunny environs. Create your own tropical holiday wonderland by choosing from our themed collection of funky lighted flamingos, cacti, hippos and sloths!

What Are the Best Outdoor Christmas Lights to Use?

For outdoor use, it’s smart to go for long-lasting LED lights, which are made of lightweight, shatterproof plastic and use about 10 percent of the electricity that incandescent bulbs do.

To determine what type of outdoor lights to buy from there, you’ll need to consider what you’re planning to illuminate.

Available in white, single-color and multicolor, string lights are an iconic and classic option for lighting up front doors, porch railings and trees. Big Lots stocks a wide variety of sizes and shapes, from mini twinkling lights to oversized bulbs to provide high-impact illumination.

Net lights are perfect for covering evergreen bushes with ease. Drape these light sets over your shrubs and trees for a nice, even glow without much effort at all.

Falling icicle lights look stunning hung along a roofline. We carry traditional icicle lights in warm white, plus fun options like color-changing star icicle lights in bright blue and white.

The best part about lighting your home using trendy new laser projectors? No ladders! Create a nightly light show in your own front yard with festive LED projections of rotating snowflakes or swirling kaleidoscopes of color.

Outdoor Holiday Décor Ideas for the Front Porch

Is your front yard too small for a large holiday display? Don’t despair: You can still create a joyful holiday display even if you don’t have a large yard! Focus your efforts on transforming the front porch with a fun seasonal presentation.

To build a lively, layered look, start by hanging a festive wreath on the front door. With shimmering, snow-kissed pinecones and vibrant red berries, our Flocked Snowflake & Ornament Wreath brings a burst of joy to any front door. Next, consider using an LED projection light to create a light show across the front of your home.

Round out the look with a compact lighted art piece. With a jolly top hat and a smiling face, our 5-foot Light-Up Glittering Snowman is a traditional holiday favorite. Add a quirky vibe to your porch look with a pair of light-up hippos. Wearing matching Santa hats and Christmas sweaters, mama and baby hippo will happily greet guests all season long. Or add an otherworldly element with a magical illuminated unicorn. Our LED Light-Up Glitter Unicorn boasts a glittering gold horn.

Those apartment and dorm dwellers without a yard at all—or even a porch—will definitely want to check out our great selection of Christmas trees perfect for small spaces!

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