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4 Simple Steps for Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Whatever your personal style, we’ve got great ideas for Christmas tree decorating on a budget. At Big Lots, you’ll find Christmas trees and all the trimmings at a variety of price points. And our coordinated holiday collections make it easy to mix and match lights, garland and ornaments to suit your particular style. We’ll show you how to decorate a Christmas tree in just four simple steps.

1. Choose Your Tree

What’s your Christmas tree style? Whether your preferences lean more toward short and full or tall and slim, you’ll find the perfect tree for your space at Big Lots. You’ll love the ease of our pre-lit trees, which save you the time and hassle of stringing your own Christmas lights.

First, you’ll want to determine how tall your tree should be to best fit your space. This will depend on the ceiling height in the room where you’ll be setting up the tree. If you like a tall tree, plan to buy something at least six inches lower than your ceiling height to allow plenty of space for a tree topper.

Our velvety cashmere tree line features lifelike evergreen branches at a variety of heights, up to a soaring 9 feet tall. Or create a winter wonderland in your home with our line of flocked trees. With snow-kissed branches and warm white lights, our flocked trees guarantee a white Christmas.

Step 2: Pick Your Lights

The key to Christmas tree decorating is to add style in layers—and the first layer is lights. Head to Big Lots to find an affordable solution you can reuse year after year. We stock a wide variety of lights to match your unique style.

For a traditional look, opt for incandescent lights in chic monochromatic white or cheery multicolor. Alternatively, newer LED lights don’t give off heat, so they provide a completely safe, flameproof decorating option you can reuse year after year.

Step 3: Choose Your Decorating Style

Our easy mix-and-match Christmas decor collections help you get that perfectly coordinated look to reflect your own personal holiday decorating style. Each collection is filled with easy Christmas tree decorations to fill your home with joy.

Don’t skip the garland! It’s an underused, but classic, addition to any Christmas tree. Each of our holiday collections includes a selection of garlands to complete your look.

Step 4: Top it Off

The finishing touch is that perfect Christmas tree topper to top off your tree. You can go one of two routes here: classic or unexpected.

A glittery gold star or a shimmery snowflake is a timeless choice that will look great on your tree for years to come. You’ll find vintage crystal snowflake toppers, jewel-encrusted rose gold topper, glittery gold star and snowflake toppers, and more at Big Lots.

If you’re the type who likes to change up their look each year, though, you’ll want to go for a fun, modern topper. Our snow-dusted snowman hat tree topper comes straight from Frosty’s head to top your tree. A lovely berry and pine needle bouquet adds an outdoorsy touch.

Looking for more Christmas decoration ideas? Don’t miss our guides to decorating your home both inside and out for the holidays!