Starting a new semester? Before the studying begins, remember that the CDC suggests staying socially distant, keeping up healthy hygiene, and putting these essentials on your college supplies list:

Face Masks

Cleaning Supplies

Cleanliness is Key!

In the dorm or at home, your room's where you sleep, study, and socialize! Since healthy habits help reduce the risk of getting sick, remember to sanitize desks, doorknobs, and other common touch points. And don't forget to put these CDC-recommended supplies on your doom essentials list:

Hand Soap & Sanitizers

Cleaning Supplies

Paper Towels

Show 'Em You Care!

Send a surprise! In light of COVID-19, school reopenings present some new challenges. From going to classes to updated hygiene and cleaning routines, your college student could use a treat! Get 'em grinning with a care package stuffed full of goodies like:

Salty Snacks

Sweet Treats

Advil, Dayquil & Pepcid AC

Study Hard & Stay Safe!

With schools reopening after COVID-19, the upcoming semesters will surely feel a little different! Whether your student's studying online or on campus, remember these CDC-recommended tips:


Stay 6 feet apart in social settings

Practice healthy COVID-19 hygiene

Disinfect surfaces regularly


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