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Rug Buying Guide

Living Room

A living room rug can add comfort over hardwood floors or act as an accent piece to emphasize your decorating style. When you’re looking for a rug, consider the size and shape of your room, as well as the placement of your living room furniture.

5x8 or 6x9 Rugs

A 5x8 or 6x9 rug is a great choice for a medium-sized living room. This size covers a good amount of space without taking up an overwhelming portion of the room's floor. If you have a coffee table, make sure the placement of your rug covers all the corners of the table. You can also help tie your room together by placing the edges of the rug under the front feet of your sofa, loveseat, or sectional.

8x10 or 10x13 Rugs

Large living spaces leave more room for 8x10 or 10x13 rugs. Unless you want the rug to be a focal point in your room's design, stick with neutral colors and simple patterns. Space your furniture equally around each side of the rug to avoid making one part of the room feel more crowded.

Dining Room

As a general rule, dining room rugs should be approximately 3 to 4 feet larger in length and width than your dining room table. This allows you to center the rug beneath the table and leave room for the chairs to sit comfortably on every side. 8x11 rugs work well for all but the largest dining room tables.


The main purpose of a rug in a bedroom is usually to provide extra comfort. After all, who likes to step onto a bare, cold floor when getting out of bed for a midnight snack? An 8x11 bedroom rug helps keep your feet warm in addition to dampening sounds and providing an extra decorative element.

For smaller bedrooms, a rug placed near the foot of the bed can still be an excellent way to add decorative style to the look of the room. Look for 5x7 bedroom rugs or smaller.