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Buying Guide: Fire Pits

Before you settle down for a cozy fire, hotdogs and s’mores, check out these tips on fire pit safety and ideal locations.

Before Using Your Fire Pit

Remember to check with your city before adding a fire pit to your outdoor space. Some communities require a fire pit permit.

Picking a Location

Patios & Decks

Don’t place your fire pit directly on a wooden deck. Instead, you could create a fire pad to protect the wood using bricks or stone slabs. Make sure the fire pad extends two feet outside of the fire pit perimeter. Free standing fire rings or fire pits can be used safely on cement or tile patios.

In the Yard

Choose a clear, flat surface to place your fire pit. Don’t place a fire pit under a covered deck, roof overhang or under low-hanging trees.

All Locations

Keep the fire at least 10 feet away from fences, buildings or trees.

Safety Tips

  • Keep children & pets 3 feet away from the fire.
  • Do not ignite a fire with lighter fluid, gasoline or alcohol.
  • Tinder or newspaper are safer fire starters.
  • Have a hose, bucket of water or fire extinguisher nearby while the fire is burning. Put the fire out with water.
  • It’s recommended to wait at least 24 hours to dispose of ashes. You may not see it, but the ashes may still be smoldering.

Set Up Your Outdoor Space

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