Time to spruce up your outdoor seating?

This guide can help you find the right type, right size, and ultimately, the right replacement cushions that will give your patio more pop! After you’ve measured to find what size & style you need, you can choose from the big selection of patio cushions at your local Big Lots store or on BigLots.com.

Measuring Your Outdoor Seating for Replacement Cushions

Whether you're updating the look of your patio seating with this season's freshest pattern, or your dirty, worn cushions are long overdue for replacement, it's important to know what size you'll need. The infographic below shows how to measure for several different types of replacement cushions, including chaise lounges, benches, chairs with back cushions, and others.

What to Measure

To find the right size replacement cushions, you’ll need to measure the width from side to side, depth from front to back, and height of the seat back, if there is one). The thickness of the cushion should also be noted.

If you have your old cushions, start by measuring those dimensions and noting how many cushions you’ll need. If you don't have the old cushions, you can measure the inside area of the seat and back where the replacement will go. Since you may not have a reference for cushion thickness, you’ll need to choose that on your own.

Types of Outdoor Chair Cushions

Like the seating itself, outdoor cushions come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Some seating has a single cushion that folds to form the back and seat, while others need two or more separate cushions. Make sure you understand how many cushions you need before you start measuring.

Replacement chair cushion thickness

Most patio chair cushions have a thickness of 2.5" – 4" depending on the overall size of the chair and your desired comfort level. Replacement cushions for deep-seat patio chairs should be at least 5.5" thick to provide optimal support. Wicker seats will often use deep-seat cushions, so make sure you know what size you want for your chairs.

Deep seat cushion Seat: 24"W x 24" L x 5.5" Thick Back: 23 "W x 24" L x 8" Thick
Chair cushion 22"W x 44" L x 4" Thick

Chaise Lounge Replacement Cushions

Replacement cushions for chaise lounge chairs are typically single cushions with multiple sections sewn in to allow for different reclining configurations. In addition to measuring the length and width, you should note how the cushion attaches. Most commonly, fabric straps tie around the edges of the chair frame.

Replacement Cushions for Outdoor Benches and Settees

Outdoor benches and settees are easy to measure for replacement cushions because typically, they have just one long cushion. While the length of the replacement varies depending on seat size, most bench cushions are around 18" wide and between 3” – 4" thick.

Settee bench cushion 18"W x 48"L x 4" Thick
Outdoor bench cushion 18"W x 48"L x 3" Thick
Settee bench & chair cushion set Settee: 18"W x 43"L x 5.5"Thick Chair: 18"W x 19"L x 5.5" Thick

Patio Seat Pads

Seat pads can add extra comfort to patio chairs that didn’t originally come with cushions. There’s no one-size-fits all cushion, though, so make sure to find the size that best fits your chair’s measurements. Replacement cushions like seat pads often come in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Grab a matching set or mix a variety of your favorites for an eclectic feel.

Chair cushion 18"W x 18"L x 4" Thick
Seat pad 18"W x 19" L x 5" Thick
Chair pad 18"W x 19"L x 5" Thick
Box-edge chair pad 18"W x 19"L x 3" Thick