Refurbished Products

What Is A Big Lots Refurbished Vacuum?

Vacuums that have been sent to a factory for testing, inspection, and repair are called “refurbished”. Big Lots buys these vacuums at a lower price, making sure we’re getting the best deals for our savvy customers! When reassembling the vacuums, only parts in top working condition are used to ensure it runs just like new!

How Is A Vacuum Refurbished?

When a vacuum is refurbished, it is completely taken apart and each individual piece is tested. After the testing is complete the parts are inspected by expert technicians for defects, damage, and overall cosmetic appearance. The recovered parts are then assembled; the same assembly process as the original manufacturer is used. The completed vacuums are then tested once more to assure that the quality is the same as that of a brand new one.

Why Buy Big Lots Refurbished?

Often, only very minor repairs or simple cosmetic touch-ups need to be made to returned vacuums. By replacing a part or two these vacuums are back to top quality, but to ensure you’re getting the best, we test and inspect each part. You can be confident that the savings of buying refurbished are worth it knowing that only products that pass all tests and run just like new are sold in our stores.

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