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Master Cuisine Area Rugs (18" x 30")

$6.00- $8.00

Add style and practicality to your kitchen with a rug by Master Cuisine™. Tension builds during long durations of standing while tending dishes or preparing meals, so take a load off by standing on one of these plush rugs. Choose one of three colors to create an accent or match with existing décor or appliances to complete your kitchen look.

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    Orig. $8.00
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    Master Cuisine Mineral Blue Kitchen Rug, (18" x 30")

  • $8.00
    Master Cuisine Tan Accent Rug, (18" x 30")

  • $8.00
    Master Cuisine Red Accent Rug, (18" x 30")

  • $8.00
    Master Cuisine Black Accent Rug, (18" x 30")