About the New Buzz Club Rewards Program

What is the new Big Lots Buzz Club Rewards® program? How is it different from the current program?


When the Buzz Club Rewards® program launches on 10/1/2013 you’ll notice a few changes:

  • More offers, more often.
  • Receipt look-up within 30 days of a purchase, regardless of the form of payment, so you never worry about finding a lost receipt (Not available in CA, MA or NJ).
  • The ability to login to biglots.com/rewards and see offers just for you!
  • No minimum purchase required; a $20 minimum is no longer required for a purchase to qualify--every purchase counts toward the next offer or discount.


And you’ll still get all of these great Buzz Club Rewards benefits:

  • Special offers available to members only.
  • Advance notice of select new closeouts & buyouts.
  • 2-Day advantage so you are the first to know when your print ad is online.
  • Exclusive access to VIP shopping events.

When is the program changing?

The Buzz Club Rewards® program launches on 10/1/2013

Why is the program changing?

We’re improving the program with customers like you in mind. You’ll receive coupons and discounts tailored to how you shop at Big Lots, and the more you shop, the more rewards you earn.

I’m close to earning a 20% discount, what will happen?

All current Qualifying Purchases or 20% discounts must be earned by 9/30/2013. You will still have 60 days from the day you earned your 20% discount to redeem it.

Can I still earn a 20% discount after September 30, 2013?

No. Starting on 10/1/2013 the new program will no longer use Qualifying Purchases and will offer more frequent offers which will differ from the current 20% discount. However, you will still be able to take advantage our Friends and Family shopping events for 20% off.

Do I need a new Rewards card?

There’s no need for a new card, your current card will work with the new program.

What do I have to do to earn coupons and discounts in the new program? Do I still need to make 10 purchases?

Just have the cashier scan your Buzz Club Rewards® card every time you shop. Every purchase will count; the more you shop, the more rewards you may earn. You do not need to make 10 purchases to earn a coupon and discount in the new program. You’ll be sent offers based on everything you buy.

Is membership in the program still free?

Yes, Buzz Club Rewards® membership is absolutely free.


General Rewards Membership Questions

I lost my Buzz Club Rewards® card. What do I do?

Visit any Big Lots store for a replacement card. A replacement Rewards card can be linked to your account at any time. You can do this by signing into your account online or by visiting any participating Big Lots retail store. To locate a Big Lots store near you, visit biglots.com/store-locator.

Can I transfer my Buzz Club Rewards discounts or coupons to someone else’s account?

No. Buzz Club Rewards coupons and discounts are not transferable.

Can I earn Buzz Club Rewards® with regularly priced purchases and with clearance purchases?


When I redeem a Buzz Club Rewards® discount, does that purchase count towards my next discount?


Protecting Your Privacy

How do you use customer information?

Our complete Privacy Policy, and details of how we use customer information, is available online.

How is my email address used?

We use your email address to keep your membership profile updated, to send you advance copies of our ad and other special benefits, notify you of offers, coupons and discounts, and to email you status updates about your account and the Rewards Program. Please review our complete Privacy Policy online.

How can I manage my email subscriptions?

Visit biglots.com/rewards/ to review and edit your email subscriptions. Make sure your subscribed to receive Ads, exclusive Deals, Promotions & Coupons right in your inbox.

Can I update my email address if it changes? How?

Yes. Visit the information and password section of the My Account page of your Buzz Club Rewards account. Click the Edit button, enter your new email address and click the SAVE button.

Why do I need to set a Rewards password?

The password allows us to provide you access to your Rewards account information.

I forgot my Rewards password-how can I login?

If you forget your password, just click the “Forgot Password?” link on the login page and we will send your password to the email address assigned to your account. If you continue to have problems, please contact us at Big Lots Customer Care line at 1-866-BIGLOTS (1-866-244-5687) or talk2us@biglots.com.

How do I access my Buzz Club Rewards® account?

Once you have logged into your Buzz Club Rewards® account, and you'll find a link to your “My Rewards” page below your name in the login area.